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Ok let’s get this one out of the way…

Nobody actually WANTS to see a counsellor. 


So why go? Good question!


It is amazing how working with a professional can help you uncover unhelpful ways of thinking and feeling that may have been holding you back for years. Counselling can also help with trauma, either from childhood or more recent, that is interfering with how you feel in daily life and how you relate to others.

20 years ago when I was struggling with anxiety, I thought I was too busy to go and see a counsellor, and was sceptical about its benefits. I was carving out a career as an IT manager and I didn’t want to admit that underneath I was very anxious, floundering emotionally and needed help.

But one day I got sick of just "coping", took the leap, and found a great counsellor. As I started to unload how I felt it made me feel better. A LOT better. As I talked things started to become clearer.

My counsellor helped build up my confidence, and find a clear path forward. Armed with a bit more self-awareness, I started to make better decisions in my life. As I grew more comfortable with myself, the anxiety ebbed away.


I was bowled over. After a 15 year career in Internet Management, my passion for people and their potential prompted me to retrain as a counsellor myself. I wanted to help others change their lives too and nothing else seemed as important as that.

I love helping others experience the expansion of hope and possibility that comes from good counselling support.

Find out more about my approach, qualifications and how I can help you too.

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