Image by Javier Allegue Barros

My Story

Imagine if you could:

Wake up and go through the day with ease and a sense of calm

Fall asleep easily at night and wake feeling rested

Feel more confident in yourself and your self-worth

Feel more contented and optimistic about your life 

Feel clear about where you are going and look ahead with enthusiasm

It IS possible to feel these things, but as you are here I imagine you are struggling.

Perhaps you feel anxious a lot of the time and overwhelmed.

Or maybe you are struggling with feeling disconnected and frustrated with your relationships.

You may have been suffering with low self-esteem from events that happened a long time ago and you long to be rid of these feelings.

Or perhaps life just seems flat and meaningless.

If you connect with any of the above, or any other of the many other ways in which we can suffer, you are not weak or flawed. Just human.

Everyone deserves love and support when life gets too much, but sometimes we get in the way of ourselves by piling blame and self-loathing onto the problems we already have. That's not going to make you feel better. When things get too much, maybe what you need is support from a professional. And that's ok.

How can I support you?


I'm a fully trained, experienced counsellor. And I'm also a flawed fellow human. There is no judgement here.

People tell me that as a counsellor I am kind, warm, intuitive and non-judgmental. And also sometimes funny! I am passionate about mental health and I am constantly learning new ways to support my clients. My many years background in management means I also have the skills to analyse what I am being told and reflect back insights and patterns that might be helpful to you.

Once we have established trust, what I hope is that you can really be yourself with me. You can let loose and say all those things that have been building up inside.


I will work with you to help unpick what you are feeling and why. I will listen very carefully to what is hurting you and work with you to understand and release it. Together we will find a way to set you on an easier path, one that is meaningful for you.

Our sessions will help you to see yourself and your life more clearly. You will be in a better position to change those bits that are hurting you, and find a way to live with those areas you cannot change. 


I know what it is like to be thinking about getting professional help, wondering if it is worth reaching out and easing the heavy load. I've been there myself, and discovered the benefits.

If you are interested in finding out more, get in touch below for a 20 minute telephone consultation to discuss how I might be able to help you. 

Find out more about my experience and qualifications on the How I can help page.